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CYA Home Inspection LLC proudly uses HomeGauge Home Inspection Software

Inspection reports have color photos, with explanations as well as descriptions

of each area of the property. 

My professional reports can be emailed to you and/or your agent, as well as other important contacts, you need only supply email addresses.  

I am committed to sending you your report and report summary

within 24 hours.

Radon testing available $175, with inspection $125

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Small Average Homes

Tiny Homes

up to 1,000 square feet


Average Homes

Average Sizes

1,000 square feet to

3,000 square feet

$350 to $425

Large Average Home

Large Homes

3,000 square feet to

5,000 square feet

$475 to $550

Other Fees

Homes over 45 years old or over 5,000 square feet will have  additional fees.

Detached garages 

add about $150.

Out buildings or other structures have additional fees.  

When it is time to inspect:

Help your inspector to insure all areas are accessible.

Mitch is committed to giving you a complete report,

which requires full access to the home.

Inspectors cannot move furniture or belongings to get to electrical panels or crawl space openings. Making sure these important areas are available means your inspector will not need to return, at a later date, to make sure you get all the information you deserve to have in your inspection report.

I am here to work for your success!

Mitch Moody